The realization of Aerogaz was driven by the demand of kitchen, gas related household product in Malaysia. In order to secure Malaysian market, a factory was set-up to manufacture and assembled various household appliances.

Therefore, Aerogaz Sdn. Bhd. (520862-M) was incorporated in Malaysia on July 2000 under the Companies Act, 1965. Aerogaz’s manufacturing licensed was later endorsed by Ministry of Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) under Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

The next year, products manufactured by Aerogaz, was acknowledged by Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) under its Product Certification Scheme. Initiative and dedication of its staff towards safety and quality of product have enables Aerogaz to be one of the leading OEM manufacturer for household appliances in Malaysia.

The rapid development of Aerogaz Sdn. Bhd. Have force it to create Aerogaz Equipment Sdn. Bhd. Which focus on the marketing and sales activities. This exercise allowed Aerogaz Sdn. Bhd. To focus on manufacturing activities.

Aerogaz commitment and investment have paid off as now it is considered one of the trusted brands in the market. Acceptances for its numerous varieties of household appliances have enabled it to break to other Asian market such as Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines.

Started as trading entity have led Aerogaz to venture into manufacturing of mechanical products. Now, Aerogaz have envisioned itself to be one of the leading household brands for mechanical and electrical product in Asia.


Our vision is to be one of the leading manufacturers for various mechanical and electrical household products in Asia.

To produce products that will be safe and meet the customer’s requirement. Good are timely delivered. Provide caring and courteous services.